Utilities & Telecoms Solutions

CrowdAI helps enterprises lower operating costs by automating image and video analysis to improve reporting, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Computer vision helps Utilities avoid endless potential defect variations by learning from examples, instead of rules, providing near real time situational awareness at a national scale.

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Outdated Infrastructure Challenges

Extreme natural events have put enormous pressure on utility infrastructure.

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From California wildfires to sub-zero temperatures in Texas, natural disasters have created rolling blackouts and spiked household energy bills to historic highs. Utilities struggle to deliver safety, security and consistency that residents reasonably expect. The scale and variety of possible issues often overwhelm Utility infrastructure and field teams.

Computers can spot corroded insulators, vegetation management issues and ingest meter readings on every square meter of the state, simultaneously. Our aim is to help Utilities and Telecoms create Digital First Asset Maintenance practices that continuously monitor every inch of enterprise surface area, for near-real-time situational awareness.

  • Data Infrastructure
  • Quality Control
  • Identify Defects
  • Grid Visibility
  • Visual Feedback
  • Energy Analytics
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Automated Analysis

Use computer vision to analyze every image in existing data warehouses and generate metadata. Every new image (coming in from a drone, for example) is then automatically analyzed and tagged.

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Digital Utility

Automate quality control on the grid, accelerating root cause analysis, and continuous improvement.

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Digital Maintenance

Increase equipment up-time with automated visual inspections and deterioration identification.

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AI Grid

Create 24/7 grid wide visibility and quality assurance through automated monitoring and critical junction inspections.

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Advanced Sensors & Process Control Systems

Combine image/video data with other insights (wind, temperature, humidity, etc.) to predict non-obvious, high risk events.

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Digital Meter

Automate meter readings to avoid transcription mistakes and rework.

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Integrated Solutions

CrowdAI enables organizations to prepare and automate repetitive, manual, vision-based review. Whether you have been at the forefront of innovation, or are just getting started, CrowdAI has the tools and expertise to accelerate your journey.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Asset Maintenance costs by 50%.

Prevent Vegetation Risk

Detect early signs of at-risk vegetation outside of grid clearance zones.

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Minimize Personnel Risk

Keep teams out of harm's way in the field.

Predictive Data

Predict areas of potential power outages based on expected weather patterns across different grid sectors.