We are CrowdAI

Our Mission


At CrowdAI our mission is to lead a trillion-dollar industrial transformation using computer vision to spot opportunities human eyes can’t.

You can’t improve what you can’t see, and you can’t transform what you can’t scale.

Today, organizations and their leaders must respond to unprecedented challenges: from more frequent natural disasters to a hyper-dynamic business environment. With a future that promises unforeseen threats and opportunities, the right decision isn’t always obvious, or rule-based, which is why we’ve built technology that allows your business to respond intelligently at machine speeds.

We realize that DIY data science is not feasible for many organizations that could benefit from it, either because it’s too costly to stand up a team of developers, because the time to value outweighs the investment, or both. We believe that more than one trillion dollars of unutilized value is currently locked up in enterprises, not because they are slow, but because they often lack the capacity to manage cutting-edge tech at the new speed of business.

At CrowdAI we’ve spent the last five years building an end-to-end, no-code platform that puts the power of computer vision into many more hands, in order to accelerate the creation of more resilient systems, and more responsive organizations. When new opportunities arise, our predictive analytics capabilities help you capitalize before the competition.

Along the way we’ve earned the trust of federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike, and we look forward to working with you.

Devaki Raj
Co-Founder and CEO

Our Team

The CrowdAI team brings together recognized academics and industry experts who have taken advanced research off-campus and removed the barriers for organizations without data scientists to see with a computer’s eyes. We take great pride in building an organization that is diverse and inclusive.