LocationMountain View, CA
Job Summary

As a Machine Learning Software Engineer, you would be one of the first employees of CrowdAI. You’ll be working on large-scale computer vision problems, turning new ideas and the latest research into industry-leading enterprise solutions. You will be at the center of working on unique supervised learning techniques for satellite, self-driving car and drone imagery. You will be responsible for developing highly scalable classifiers, data regression and other models.

Ideal candidate is results-driven and carefully weighs the tradeoffs between short- and long-term solutions. You work independently and are comfortable taking on a variety of responsibilities. You pick up new technologies very quickly.

  • 2+ years of practical experience developing ML classifiers, deep learning techniques
  • Masters/PhD in ML or highly relevant experience (2+ years practical experience)
  • Experience with computer vision in Python
  • Experience with TensorFlow or Theano
  • Experience completing software projects alone and in team environment
  • Willing to share knowledge and teach teammates
  • Experience with deployment on AWS or other cloud infrastructure a plus
How to apply:Send your resume to careers@crowdai.com and, in three sentences or fewer, answer this question: What do you think is the hardest problem in ML/AI that will be solved in the next year?