Machine Learning Software Engineer


Mountain View, CA

Job Summary

As a Machine Learning Software Engineer, you would be one of the first employees of CrowdAI. You’ll be working on large-scale computer vision problems, turning new ideas and the latest research into industry-leading enterprise solutions. You will be applying state of the art deep learning techniques to vast datasets of satellite, self-driving car, and drone imagery. You will be part of our machine learning team responsible for developing deep learning solutions end-to-end from data processing to architecture development to deployment.

  • — Significant practical experience developing Deep Learning models.
  • — Masters/PhD with specialization in Machine Learning or highly relevant experience
  • — Knowledge of at least one of the Deep Learning frameworks TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, Theano
  • — Experience with Computer Vision (OpenCV preferred)
  • — Solid software engineering skills across multiple languages including Python, C++
  • — Experience with deployment on cloud infrastructure preferred
How to Apply

Send your resume to  and in three sentences or fewer, answer this question: What is a recent research paper you have read? Explain what you found the most interesting about it.