Oil & Gas Solutions

CrowdAI helps energy companies lower operating costs by automating image- and video-based analysis.


A Changing World

The promise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and digital transformation has been put under a stress test.


Global decarbonization initiatives mixed with volatile economics have created new levels of complexity for the energy space. Oil price fluctuations present a tough balancing act between quality, safety, and efficiency. Legacy automation systems struggle, as you can’t possibly hard code for every change in the weather, people, or markets.

Machine learning and computer vision help enterprises avoid the pitfalls of explicit rules by learning through examples instead.

Computers can spot pixel-level defects on every well site across the planet, in near-real time. Our aim is to help every energy team execute safely and profitably from exploration, to retail.

  • Control Quality
  • Identify Defects
  • Visual Feedback
  • Automated Logistics
  • Energy Analytics
Smart Well

Automate quality checks at the well site, root cause analysis, and continuous improvement.

Digital Maintenance

Increase equipment up-time with automated visual inspections and deterioration identification.

Advanced Sensors and Process Control Systems

Combine image/video data with other insights (weight, temperature, etc.) to predict non-obvious, potentially critical events.

Logistics AI

Create 24/7 supply chain visibility and quality assurance through automated monitoring and critical junction inspections.

Digital Well

Automate seismic image analysis, reduce windshield time, and protect the well site through holistic vision-based analytics across the energy value chain.

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Integrated Solutions

CrowdAI enables organizations to prepare and automate repetitive, manual, vision-based review. Whether you have been at the forefront of innovation, or are just getting started, CrowdAI has the tools and expertise to accelerate your journey.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Asset Maintenance costs by 50%.

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Mitigate Risk

Keep workers out of harm's way on the job site.

Predictive Data

Predict avoidable downtime by analyzing images & other data.